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Yoxall Health Centre

Published 16 September 2022

In a continued effort to provide patients with more information, it has been decided to produce a newsletter at various stages throughout the year. As well as general information, there is also an interview with a member of staff giving an insight into their work and explaining the challenges of their position within the health centre. The current newsletter (which can be collected from the Village Hall, the Royal Oak and the Church) contains an interview with the receptionist which is extremely interesting as it highlights the pressures and the longer hours the receptionist works. Other interviews with the pharmacist and the practice manager etc. will follow.

As a point of general interest, in excess of 500 patients per week at Yoxall Health Centre are now having face-to-face appointments with the medical staff. There are still approximately 8 people per week who do not turn up for appointments.

Unfortunately Dr Osman is leaving Yoxall Health Centre, as he has been offered a partnership in another practice (an offer Yoxall practice was unable to match). The centre is currently advertising for a replacement. There is still a vacancy for a nurse at the surgery; efforts will continue to fill the post.

Steve Browne

KB Parish Council