Published 17 January 2019

The Kings Bromley Harmony Choir is looking for an electric piano

Is anyone is thinking of getting rid of theirs/putting it up for sale in the spring clear-out?

Ideally it would be a full size keyboard, with 88 keys, light weight and portable, touch sensitive, with an attachment to put a pedal on, with no extra effects or buttons.

If you can help please contact our Choir Leader Kathryn Hopson on villageharmonychoir@gmail.com.

The choir goes from strength to strength. Our next event will be at the Village Hall on Sat. 2nd March at 2pm to celebrate the Parish Council’s obtaining a grant from the Motherhood and Loss in WW1 organisation which commemorates the plight of families, especially mothers, who lost sons in the First World War. The grant is going towards play equipment for younger children on the Village Hall playarea.

At this event the Historians will also put on a display commemorating the 14 men from Kings Bromley who died in WW1, with an emphasis on those families who lost only sons or multiple sons. There will be poetry readings from pupils from Richard Crosse school and the WI will be providing teas.