Violations of Weight Restricted Turns


Violations of Weight Restricted Turns

Published 24 November 2021

Violations of Weight Restricted Turns

Staffordshire police will now prosecute violations based on photographs or videos provided by the public. If they deem the evidence sufficient the driver will be sent a fine and be docked points, just like they would if they had been caught on a speed camera. The system has been trialled by YTAG, the Yoxall Traffic Action Group.

1.Go to Staffordshire police website
2.Click on Report

3.Click on road Traffic

4.Follow instructions but don’t send a video, say that Kings Bromley Parish Council has been told to ask for a link, this is easier and also you get a police contact to liaise with.

Video or Photo Evidence:

You need to clearly capture the incident and the registration of the vehicle on your photos or video, you also need to take photos of the signage on the day to prove that it was there.


So as not to overwhelm the police, in the view of Kings Bromley Parish Council this system would be best used initially to report large 40 ton through traffic, which is the main problem. It is hoped that once the word gets around the haulage industry will realise it is not worth breaking the law.