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Village news

Published 1 May 2017

Open Parish meeting

Monday 8th May, 8.00 pm in the Village Hall. This is your chance to hear what has been happening around the parish and gives you an opportunity to raise your concerns about the many factors that influence parish life.

Kings Bromley Historians

Kings Bromley Historians were entertained at their April meeting by Mo, in the persona of a travelling artist/pedlar circa 1100-1700. After witnessing a Sealed Knot Event at Harvington Hall, Mo made the decision to dress in character when selling her handmade cards and stationery at events. To achieve an authentic effect, her wool dress was daubed with dirt and has not been washed since; perhaps a welcome alternative to boiling with dye and urine which might have proved a little pungent for her audiences.

Her talk was full of titbits relating to the life of a peasant throughout the Middle Ages and beyond. Peasantry had its own hierarchy; if you tried to dress above your station by using a richer fabric or style of clothing than allowed, punishment would mean a spell in the stocks. Urine featured regularly in Mo’s talk; it apparently cured chilblains, was used to whiten togas etc., and was also a component in gunpowder and make-up. It was also used to smear on the face to cure wrinkles.

Allan Howard, leader of the Historians, thanked Mo for an entertaining and unusual talk. The next meeting will be in the Village Hall on Friday 26th May at 8.00 pm when the talk will be by Chris King on Medieval Timber Framed Buildings. Visitors always welcome.

Tweenies Parents and Toddler Group

This group runs on a Thursday morning in the village hall from 9.30 am till 11.30. Please continue to support this activity which provides fun, play and socialisation for families of the village and surrounding areas.