Village news from Helen Price – 23rd Jan 2020


Village news from Helen Price – 23rd Jan 2020

Published 20 January 2020

Kings Bromley Wednesday Club

Our first meeting of 2020 was a “Bring and Share” Tea in the Village Hall. Tea was preceded by a Beetle Drive which involved thirty minutes of intense dice shaking accompanied by cries of “I’ve got a feeler but no head,” “I only need a leg” and “I haven’t even started yet” – interspersed with much scrabbling to retrieve lost dice!! After all the scores had been totted up, we then sat down to enjoy our well-earned tea!

Our programme for the coming year includes talks on a variety of subjects and topics including Recycling, The Dog’s Trust, A Photographic Miscellany, Memories of Schooldays, and “Smile Please, Say Cheese,” There will also be outings to Wolseley Garden Centre and Staffordshire Wildlife Centre in May, Trentham Gardens in October as well as a Cream Tea in July.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday 5th February: Speaker Michael Wetson – “A Life of Two Halves.”


For our first meeting of 2020 it was a welcome sight to see so many members present. After the evening’s business, our speaker, Victoria Ann Spencer-Kibble, began her presentation, the theme was “Therapy- What can it do for us”.

Victoria began by giving an insight into her life since moving to Kings Bromley. It involved personal tragedy, the death of her first husband whilst diving and she went on to describe all the consequent stress she has had to cope with. For several years, as the mother of a young family, she faced one battle after another while dealing with her grief, including financial and emotional stresses, and a feeling of total devastation. All of which she eventually overcame. The experience gave her focus and a wish to be able to help others who face stressful situations in their lives and who struggle to find a way through. Victoria trained as a therapist and now runs her own business to support individuals through very difficult times by helping them develop the appropriate techniques to win through.

Victoria received personal tuition from Marisa Peer, whose type of therapy is known as “Rapid Transformational Therapy’ and is endorsed by various international bodies. The therapy involves hypnosis, regression, cognitive behavior therapy and neuro-linguistic programming. Victoria in her consultations will ask her clients to go back in their lives, trying to get into the subconscious where all the secrets are, with the aim of helping them to let go of the negatives preventing them from taking control and changing their emotional and mental processes into positives. RTT is she believes, a relatively quick but effective way of ‘flipping’ the mind and gaining belief in oneself and effecting change.

It made us think about how we can help and support others – lots of people suffer from stress, anxiety and depression. Young children and adults are all vulnerable in different ways. Victoria cited various types of stress that can affect behaviour. All involve the mind and understanding its power to heal and change physical, mental and emotional reactions is totally beneficial. Victoria’s presentation was thought provoking and well received.

There will be no WI meeting in February in the village hall as members will be at The Royal Oak on the 6th enjoying their post-Christmas supper.