Village news from Helen Price – 22nd August 2019


Village news from Helen Price – 22nd August 2019

Published 19 August 2019

Kings Bromley Wednesday Club

Our speakers in August were Lin and Pat from the RSPCA’s Burton upon Trent and District Branch Animal Home. Lin began by giving us a brief outline of the foundation of the Society in a London coffee shop in 1824, one of the founders being William Wilberforce. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – SPCA – as it was then known was granted royal patronage in1837. The RSPCA’s initial focus was on working animals e.g. horses and also cattle. During WW1 and WW2, the RSPCA worked to help the millions of animals enlisted to serve alongside British, Commonwealth and Allied forces.
The Burton and District Branch – as with all branches – is autonomous and responsible for its own fundraising. The Animal Home consists of kennels licenced to accommodate 33 dogs, a cattery for 36 cats and a small animal unit for rabbits, hamsters, rats, mice and guinea pigs. There is also a pond and aviary, a grooming room and an exercise area. It costs £5,000 per week to run the Home and this is raised within the local area from fundraising events, its 2 charity shops and sponsors. The RSPCA receives no government or lottery funding.
The Burton and District Branch has one local inspector responsible for investigating complaints of animal cruelty, abuse and neglect across a wide area which includes Ashby, Netherseal, Packington, Melbourne, Winshill, Uttoxeter, Tamworth, Lichfield, Rugeley and all the villages in between. The local RSPCA Animal Home takes in, cares for and where appropriate rehomes or fosters identified unwanted, neglected and ill-treated animals. There is a waiting list of animals whose owners no longer wish or are unable to keep them with priority being given to those animals in most desperate need.
One of the local Animal Home’s permanent residents is the much-celebrated Boris the pot-bellied pig. He was dumped as a baby and found wandering along a main road. Now suffering from arthritis Boris has been a much-loved guest at the Home for the last 16 years.

Date of Next Meeting: September 4th 2.30pm in the Village Hall when a representative from the Air Ambulance will talk about their work. (This replaces the planned trip to the Anderton Boat Lift which unfortunately has had to be cancelled due to insufficient numbers.)

Village Bake Off

The Women’s Institute this month held an Afternoon Tea with a difference on Saturday 10th August. Villagers were given the opportunity to bake a cake for Kings Bromley’s first Bake Off. The idea was to bake a cake of your choice and allow the village to judge your talents and taste the delights. It was with great surprise that there was so many beautiful cakes to be judged, all very different and all looking amazing too. The hall was packed and everyone enjoyed a delightful afternoon. It was lovely that so many new faces young and old wanted to be part of the event and we are hoping this will become an annual event.

The 3rd place cake was a beautiful Apricot and Almond tart made by Sally Ravencroft a new member to the WI, 2nd place was Millie Wagstaff with her delightful Chocolate and Strawberry surprise cake and 1st place was Teresa Dacosta with her Strawberry Baileys cake. All top 3 cakes won a cash prize and cookery book with 1st place being awarded a silver bowl trophy. The WI would like to thank all who entered; it was fabulous to see everyone taking the time to support the afternoon.
There is no formal meeting for members in August but we will meet again on 5th September to discuss the successes of the Village Show and Bake Off. Our talk will be about Training Your Dog from a police dog handler.