Village news from Helen Price – 21/6/18


Village news from Helen Price – 21/6/18

Published 21 June 2018

Wednesday Club

Lin our Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and commented on the success of last month’s trip to Matlock Bath and the visit to the Garrick Theatre to see Avenue Q. Lin then informed members that the outing on Wednesday September 5th will be to Shrewsbury and that this will be followed on Tuesday September 25th with a visit to the Garrick Theatre to see “My Fair Lady.” The Cream Tea on August 1st will be held at Mabel’s, Curborough. The Chair then outlined the new data regulation requirements and a letter was distributed to all members.

Our speaker, John Colley, was introduced and entertained us with a compilation of film clips illustrating “The Good Old Days.” The clips included scenes from Busby Berkeley’s lavish musicals of the 1930’s including 42nd Street starring Warner Baxter and Bebe Daniels. Other 30’s and 40’s stars featured in John’s film compilation included Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, Bing Crosby, Judy Garland and Shirley Temple. John’s film also included a miscellany of Pathe News clips featuring among others Bill Haley and his Comets, England Cricket Captain Colin Cowdrey, the Lions of Longleat and the Flying Scotsman. Another section entitled “50 Royal Years” took us from the end of the reign of Queen Victoria through to the reign of King George V1 and included footage of significant events during each reign. The film ended in the way that evenings at the cinema traditionally ended – with the National Anthem.

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday July 4th at 2.30pm in the Village Hall. “Making Do” with Karen Atkin.

Kings Bromley WI

The WI held their latest meeting on 7th June in the village hall. Debbie Warner is a Tai Chi instructor with 12 years experience. Debbie started her interest in this gentle martial art for health reason, having suffered from arthritis for many years. After joining in with a class at Hoar Cross health spa, she found an instructor she liked at the Blue Dragon Martial Art centre and Tai Chi changed her health. Debbie gave us a short talk on the history and eastern philosophy behind it. We learnt about the many various styles and that some mirror a lot of breathing techniques used in yoga and meditation. Tai Chi is based on the shearling style of Kung Fu and was used by monks to help develop their fighting technique and spiritual development. The earliest style dates back to the 13th century but could have developed a lot earlier. Debbie then gave a demonstration and the ladies had the opportunity to take part in a few movements from the 37 forms making up the sun style Tai Chi.

The meeting was extremely enjoyable and Debbie holds several classes in Mavesyn Ridware Village hall on Tuesday evenings and Wednesday mornings; her telephone number is 07885 248057. It was the WI national week for health and wellbeing and we all felt very relaxed after the demonstration.

There’s lots to keep us busy till the next meeting in July with the yarn bombing for the Open Gardens. The craft group have made some fabulous hanging crochet wreaths and Pom Pom bees to add to the fairies and garlands. There will be a cake and coffee event on the Saturday afternoon at the Open Gardens in the Village Hall. Show day will soon be here and we need items for the hampers and also remind members that we shall need cakes, jams and cookies for the stall on 28th July. We always have a splendid stall and really appreciate all the help so please volunteer just a few hours to help too. We have lots to look forward to, with afternoon tea in August at the Royal Oak and our trip to see The Girls at the theatre in November.

Our next meeting will be on 5th July in the village hall at 7.30pm.