Village news from Helen Price – 19/7/18 part 1


Village news from Helen Price – 19/7/18 part 1

Published 16 July 2018

Kings Bromley WI July meeting

After the initial WI business presided over by the President – taking on roles of President, Secretary and Treasurer, the hot sultry evening’s entertainment followed in the village hall. Mr AW Woollett, stage name “Y-Not”, gave a most entertaining and visual journey through his life, career and ‘hobby’.

As a young man he became fascinated and interested in magic after being given a ‘box of tricks’. Following a varied early career as a radio and TV engineer and other activities, he joined the police service in North Derbyshire. During this period with the police he specialised in road safety and used his magical skills to reinforce his information about the Green Cross Code and road safety to many of the children he met in the Derbyshire schools. He was also presenting his magical skills and entertainment at a variety of events, birthday parties, dinners etc.

His proficiency got him access to the Belper and Derbyshire Magic Circles. Upon retirement he became a professional entertainer which gave him the opportunity to be employed by TV companies. He appeared in 6 episodes of Peak Practice and the Boon series.

Throughout this most amusing and interesting presentation he displayed his mastery of ‘prestidigitation’ by skilfully manipulating a variety of magical tricks and illusions, using playing cards, rope tricks etc., working with members of the audience. It was a most entertaining evening.

The President reminded members about the forthcoming village show and WI stall, looking forward to a successful day.

There is no meeting during August, but there will be Afternoon Tea at the Royal Oak, 9th August from 2-4 o’clock. Members were reminded to make sure their names were on the list.

The next meeting will be on 6th September, 7.30pm in the Village Hall.