Village news from Helen Price 12/6/17


Village news from Helen Price 12/6/17

Published 12 June 2017

Women’s Institute meeting 1st June

‘Food Glorious food’ was the talk from speaker Kath Reynolds. We were taken back in time to the days of the first convenience food. Kath gave us a witty and entertaining look back at our eating habits during the times of rationing, and how we used Be-ro books on basic cooking from the Bells Royal Flour Company. We were shown an array of items, some still eaten today. Spam and Old Oak ham were introduced in 1937, but became a household favourite in the 1970’s. We remembered the days of the Bird’s instant trifle, with sponge and dream topping. Mr Bird developed his instant custard in 1837 because his wife was allergic to eggs but loved custard.

We had the wonderful opportunity to look at those old favourite TV adverts from the Smash potatoes robot aliens, we sung along to the New Seekers and the Nimble bread advert. We were shown how our portion sizes have increased and how daily staples like ketchup and salad cream were not given in large quantities because they were expensive and seen as a luxury item. By the end of the talk we all felt extremely hungry for a spam fritter or a Bernie Inn prawn cocktail, steak and chips, and black forest gateaux!

Ann Wilkes, one of our members, has completed a 64.62 mile bike ride from Windsor to central London for the charity “Women V Cancer” on the Ride a Night bike ride on Saturday 27TH May. Ann has already raised £575 with a donation from us too at the WI, in aid of 3 women’s cancer charities. Ann has a Just Giving fundraising page if people wish to donate. Congratulations and well done Ann.

We would like to remind our members that we need £4 for the Blyth group meeting in September at the meeting in July. We still need items for the show hamper; maybe we could add a few retro vintage packets of Angel Delight, tinned Spam, and Fray Bentos pie too. Please bring an apron, and a chubby jam jar to next month’s meeting on 6th July ‘Entertaining your grandchildren ‘.