Restriction of HCV Traffic Through Kings Bromley


Restriction of HCV Traffic Through Kings Bromley

Published 15 December 2017

Parish Councillors Steve Brown and Allan Howard attended meetings of the Staffordshire County Council’s Transport Forum’s Working Group on 30th November and the full Transport Forum on 12th December. Staffordshire County Council have resolved to put temporary restriction orders on Woodend Lane and the A513 between Kings Bromley and Alrewas, and on Shobnall Lane and the B5016 (Yoxall to Barton road). SCC believe that these measures will reduce HCV traffic on the A515 by 70%.

The temporary orders, which will be in force for a maximum of 18 months, will most probably be a ban on HCVs travelling south on the A515 from turning left into Woodend Lane and a ban on HCVs turning north from Woodend Lane onto the A515; the other roads having 7.5 tonne weight limits imposed on them. These orders will, according to SCC officers, be in place in the first quarter of the 2018 financial year, although Kings Bromley County Councillor Martyn Tittley stated at our last Parish Council meeting that he expects them to be in place by February 2018. These orders will be enforced by the Police and the Parish Councils will also help with monitoring their effectiveness. Local hauliers who currently use these routes, particularly those operating in and out of Fradley Industrial Estate, will be informed of the changes in advance. SCC will review whether to make the temporary orders permanent in due course.

Kings Bromley Parish Council welcomes this initiative. However, it is the policy of Kings Bromley, Yoxall and Draycott Parish Councils to continue to press for a 7.5 tonne weight limit on the A515 between Stubby Lane, Draycott and Woodend Lane. We consider the A515 not to be fit for HCVs, particularly through Yoxall where two HCVs cannot pass at several pinch points without mounting the pavements. The proper route on the A50 and A38 should be used. Since the A515 is currently on the Primary Route Network a weight restriction cannot be imposed on it and taking it off the PRN could be a long and expensive process – possibly involving a Public Enquiry. SCC’s approach is first to judge the effectiveness of the temporary orders on the A515 feeder roads before considering doing this.

Allan Howard, Chairman, Kings Bromley Parish Council