Remembrance Day


Remembrance Day

Published 17 October 2020

Glen Wright, on behalf of the Church, has sent us the following message:

T he Remembrance Day service will go ahead as planned at 10.45a.m. on November 8th. However, churches are not exempt from the rule of 6 so we will not be processing to the War Memorial afterwards. Also the British Legion advice is discouraging parades.
The wreath bearers will not proceed in at the start of the service but must go straight to a pew and keep the wreaths with them during the service.
Wreaths can then be laid at the War Memorial in their own time, socially distancing.
We have limited spaces in church now, because of social distancing, so we will be asking people who intend to come to notify me first to keep a check on numbers.

Also there will not be a service at 11.00 on November 11th as it would not be possible to keep to the rule of six, plus the school would not take part and we cannot sing a hymn. Obviously there is nothing to stop anyone individually visiting the War Memorial as long as they adhere to the guidelines.

Again the British Legion have advised that, whatever does or does not take place, all they ask is for everyone to try to observe the Two Minutes Silence wherever they are.