Letter to Police and Crime Commissioner – weight restriction


Letter to Police and Crime Commissioner – weight restriction

Published 21 October 2019

… sent to Staffordshire PCC, Matthew Ellis and a copy of his reply.
The letter is here Letter to PCC (85.0 Kb)

This is the reply

Thank you for the below e-mail and attached letter of which the Staffordshire Commissioner is in safe receipt. Mr Ellis is sorry to hear of the difficulties you have experienced around engagement with your Neighbourhood Policing Team which is not what he would expect. As Mr Ellis has external meetings throughout the week he has asked me to respond to you on his behalf in order to offer you a swift response.

As your letter relates to a number of operational matters in terms of a request for data, information around legislative powers and for force representation for a meeting, I have been asked to refer these matters directly to the Chief Constables Office to be addressed. Your dissatisfaction around the lack of response to communications with the police should also be reviewed firstly by the Chief’s Office and then potentially by the Performance and Standards Unit.

This matter was referred to the Chief’s office on the day of receipt and we would therefore trust you will received a response to all the points raised at the earliest opportunity. Should you not receive feedback in a timely manner please let me know and we will pursue the matter further.

Mr Ellis thanks you for taking the time to raise these matters with him.