HS2 update


HS2 update

Published 27 March 2019

In February, HS2 issued what are known as ‘Additional Provisions’. These are changes to the Bill that was published last year which either take into account objections that were raised by individuals, councils, public bodies etc or the need for HS2 to take additional land for construction purposes in addition to that outlined in the original Bill

The major changes outlined in the Additional provisions affecting Kings Bromley include changes to the Railway Junction at Handsacre where the new High-Speed line links into the existing West Coast main-line, straightening and widening Woodend Lane where it joins the A515 and measures to assist drainage from the proposed Borrow Pits into existing water-courses.

However, the major issue for the Parish concerns Common Lane which originally HS2 wanted to close where it crosses the new railway track. Last year, the Parish Council argued strongly that this road should remain open. Although HS2 agreed that a new link road should be built between Common Lane and the A515, we found out when we presented our Petition to the House of Commons Select Committee that this road would not be open until after the construction phase, which could take up to 5 years.There is nothing in the recently published Additional Provisions that helps this situation.

Therefore, the Parish Council have objected strongly to this and submitted a further
Petition to the House of Commons Select Committee requesting that HS2 proposes a suitable alternative that ensures Common Lane remains open. If this does not happen, ALL Common Lane traffic will be forced to use Crawley Lane past Richard Crosse Primary School – a situation that is totally unacceptable for all concerned. The stand the Parish Council has taken is supported by Staffordshire County Council, Lichfield District Council, Richard Crosse School, NFU, and landowners and businesses affected by this decision.

A copy of the Petition has been posted on the Kings Bromley Parish Council web site so it can be accessed from there. However, please contact me If you have any issues or concerns on this by e-mailing me on charleswcole13@aol.com or phone me on 01543 472423.

As always, we will keep you up-to-date with any developments on the Parish Council web-site or in the Parish magazine.

Cllr. Charles Cole
Copy of petition is here HS2 Hybrid Bill – Copy of petition March 2019 (61.2 Kb)