HS2 – the battle continues


HS2 – the battle continues

Published 9 February 2017

“It’s ironic that as the tax burden reaches levels not seen for thirty years, we are now facing the prospect of a scheme which will drain the public purse in a way rarely seen, in modern times at least.

Taxpayers are about to be funding a project which only a minority want, to which only a smaller minority will have proper access and even fewer will be able to afford.

HS2, the first phase is simply waiting for the starting pistol to be fired, and once it commences it will bleed the public for decades to come. It has been lambasted by all sorts of well-informed, august committees and institutions, not to mention thousands of very concerned members of the public. Still, in the face of all this resistance it goes ahead. If the economy is currently so badly compromised that essential services are facing severe cuts whilst simultaneously our taxes are set to rise to an extreme, it can only be common sense to suggest that this project must not be allowed to squander money which we do not have.”

Cllr Tom Marshall
Ward Member: Armitage with Handsacre.
Lichfield District Council
Planning Committee: Vice chairman”