HS2 Phase 2a Disruption of Kings Bromley Parish


HS2 Phase 2a Disruption of Kings Bromley Parish

Published 17 July 2017

‘Borrow Pits’ are quarries that will be used to provide the sand and gravel to be used in the embankments and viaducts.

These pits will destroy farmland and farms.

Borrow Pits Map 4 While we have been repeatedly assured that no HS2 traffic will pass through Kings Bromley during the construction, we need to continue to lobby to make sure this is the case.

Also, there seems to be no provision for a tunnel through the Kings Bromley viaduct, so Common Lane would be blocked and apparently there will be no way to get from Crawley Lane to the A515 except through the village.

We have written to HS2 to ask them exactly what is meant by ‘Consolidated Construction Boundary’.

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