HS2 – Local Authority Statutory Role


HS2 – Local Authority Statutory Role

Published 18 March 2021

The Act grants deemed planning permission for construction, maintenance and operation of the railway. It establishes a planning regime in Schedule 17 under which certain detailed planning matters are reserved for local authority approval. As the Highway Authority/Minerals and Waste Planning Authority some of these detailed planning matters will fall to the County Council. These are:

  • Plans and specifications and construction arrangements about waste and soil disposal and excavation of bulk materials from borrow pits. Grounds for refusal are limited and can be read here in the Act.
  • Construction arrangements comprising lorry routing. It is important to note that HS2 Ltd or their contractors must only seek approval for routes when there are more than 24 heavy vehicle movements per day (in either direction). The grounds on which we can refuse lorry route arrangements are also limited and can be read here in the Act.

All other planning matters for approval under the Planning Conditions Schedule (Schedule 17) are approved by the relevant District or Borough Council.

Information about HS2, including what they are doing in Staffordshire on both sections of the route and notifications of upcoming works can be found on their Commonplace website: https://hs2instaffs.commonplace.is/

Complaints should be directed to HS2 Ltd themselves using this link: https://www.hs2.org.uk/how-to-complain/