HS2 latest – part 2


HS2 latest – part 2

Published 18 May 2018

4. Traffic Management.
Although HS2 gave clear commitments about traffic management in the Village for their construction vehicles, strong arguments were put to the Select Committee that these should also include contractors vehicles. A request for ‘No HS2 Traffic Beyond This Point’ notices should be placed at each entrance to the Village. HS2’s proposal on this item were positive as far as they went, but it also included a caveat that in certain circumstances they could request opening up the A513 for construction traffic. The Select Committee were informed that further discussions were required with HS2 to be more specific on this item.
5. Burying Power Lines to the North of the Village.
Following the consultation Process the Parish Council carried out with residents last year, the issue was raised about the possibility of burying the power lines since HS2 had indicated that some work had to be carried out on them as part of the Construction Phase.

It would certainly give a lasting improvement to the village landscape. However, after taking independent advice it was agreed that it would be difficult to pursue this further. It was just not a matter of cost, although this in itself would be prohibitive, but also the amount of land required and disruption to the residents particularly affected would make
this very difficult to achieve satisfactorily.
6. Location of Satellite Compounds around the Pyford Brook area.
HS2 have proposed building satellite construction sites in the Pyford Brook area. Local landowners have argued strongly against the locations because of the detrimental impact it would have on their quality of life because of the disruption, traffic, noise and dust pollution etc. This would be particularly so for the owners of the Bromley Hayes Cattery.
Some of the local landowners and businesses have put in their own Petitions which the Parish Council have supported, and so further consideration will have to be given to these proposals.
In conclusion, in the lead up to the Select Committee appearance, HS2 have come up with some proposals which are a step in the right direction. However, there are still significant issues around each of the items raised that need developing further. Both the Parish Council and the Joint Action Group are totally committed to getting the best deal for the residents, landowners and businesses in the village.
If any resident hears anything that is relevant to what HS2 are proposing, I would be grateful if you would let me know by e-mailing me on charleswcole13@aol.com or phoning me on 01543 472423. Any ‘intelligence’ would be useful in progressing our cause to
achieve the best outcome we can.

Charles Cole