Green Power Project


Green Power Project

Published 27 June 2018

Pupils at a Kings Bromley primary school are getting the opportunity to discover the world of engineering by building their very own Greenpower Formula Goblin electric kit car. In October 2017, the children at Richard Crosse C of E Primary School entered a competition held by the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) to become one of eight schools to win the competition and they luckily received good news. During December, the students received the kit car that they started building in January. It is now almost completely manufactured and will soon be ready to race at Rockingham Speedway during the month of July so they can take part in the Regional Greenpower IET Formula Goblin race. In order to enter the competition, the children had to design what they thought transport would be like in 2050.
On the 14th June, Class 5 will be attending a trip to Warwick University for the day so they can learn more about the Warwick Manufacturing Group. Paul Lovern, Executive Head Teacher at Richard Crosse said, “I think it’s a wonderful project as it gives my children an opportunity to practice their engineering skills in a real life context. I can’t wait to see their finished racing car and watch it on the race track.” The APC and Spokes including WMG will provide financial support and mentoring throughout the electric vehicle build along with driver training ahead of the race. Dr Antony Allen, Principal Teaching Fellow at WMG University of Warwick, said,” I’m delighted to be working with Class 5 on this exciting project. They are a brilliant team of highly capable engineers.”
Written by Edie Sadler and Ysabel Parkes, Year 6

Youtube: Search for “Richard Crosse Racing”.

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