Community litter pick on Sunday 7th


Community litter pick on Sunday 7th

Published 9 March 2021

The community litter pick on Sunday 7th was blessed with good weather.

As can be seen from the two attached photographs there was about half as much litter collected as there had been 5 weeks previously.

That is, unfortunately, a huge amount to have been chucked out of car windows in a short amount of time, although a slightly bigger area was covered this time.

We need to consider at both Parish and District (and perhaps County and National) level how to combat this un-understandable antisocial behaviour.

If anyone has any practical suggestions please get in touch with the Parish Council.

Thank you to all those who participated: District Councillors: Richard Cox, Thomas Marshall, Nick Binney, Parish Councillors: Jack Burkinshaw, Allan Howard, Parshioners: Kevin Price, Ann Hoar, Judith & Allan Berry, Anne Ashcroft, Matt Harper, Claudine & Rob Beddows, Dennis O’dea, Ron Smith, Lindsey & Colin Davies, Nicola & Keith Sullivan.

Allan Howard – Chairman of the Parish Council