Closed footpath


Closed footpath

Published 7 December 2020

Closed Footpath

There have been several posts on Mutterings about a closed footpath to the east off the track to Victory Farm.

The Parish Council have been in conversation with the local landowner and Staffordshire Councty Council have also been involved with one of them. It has been made clear that blocking of a public right of way is illegal and the use of barbed wire is ill conceived. The County Council is in discussions with one of the landowners to open up the undergrowth so as to make the walking of the correct path easier. This will then allow users to follow the definitive route and not ‘trespass’ on the other landowners fields.

Members of the public are reminded that they must follow the Country Code by only using definitive routes and to those walking dogs to always clean up after them. Farmers rely upon returns from their land and by walking off the definitive path damage is being done to crops.

The Parish Council will continue to work with Staffordshire County Council who have jurisdiction over footpaths to resolve this issue. We ask villagers for their forbearance in the meantime.