Cemex Quarry and Cement Factory


Cemex Quarry and Cement Factory

Published 16 July 2021

At the SCC Planning Committee meeting this morning (15th July) the County Planning Officers recommended acceptance of the proposal from Cemex to dig a quarry and build a cement factory at Orgreave. Representatives from Alrewas, Fradley and Kings Bromley spoke against the proposal as did County Councillors Richard Cox and Janet Eagland. In the debate amongst the Councillors on the Committee, it was clear to me that there was little enthusiasm for the proposal and those who spoke in favour of it did so only on the basis that it was part of HS2, and therefore backed by Government policy, and that if it had been rejected the cost of combating an appeal by Cemex could be prohibitive. The proposal passed 7 votes to 5.

Anyone interested in following the debate should be able to follow it on:


Part of the proposal is that all HGV traffic associated with the site would not travel through Kings Bromley, except in ‘exceptional circumstances’. SCC were asked to remove the caveat and make this a legal requirement backed up by penalties. Let us hope this happens.

Allan Howard