A515 Weight Restriction latest


A515 Weight Restriction latest

Published 11 November 2015

A515 Weight Restriction

Parishioners may wish to know what has happened as a result of the petition for a weight restriction on the A515 which nearly all of you signed. Our supportive County Councillor, Martyn Tittley, had previously commissioned a report on the effects of a A515 weight restriction which he, and others, felt did not fully consider the impact of heavy vehicles on residents in Kings Bromley, Yoxall and Draycott. As a result a working group of the Staffordshire Prosperous Staffordshire Select Committee was set up to address the general issue of the impact of heavy goods/commercial vehicles on roads in Staffordshire. The case study of the impact of a weight restriction on the A515 was to be considered and evidence was to be taken from the affected communities, as well as all other interested parties. At the working group held on the 20th October, attended by Councillors Steve Brown and Allan Howard, Steve presented the case for the weight restriction based on the results of the petition and a document compiled and presented on behalf of Kings Bromley Parish Council. Other presentations were made by the Executive Head of Richard Crosse School, Paul Lovern, Yoxall Action Group and Yoxall and Draycott Parish Councils. The document and the minutes of the working party are available on the Parish website: www.kingsbromley.com. We attended a second meeting of the working group on 10th November for which we will soon have minutes. It is hoped that the working party will present its findings quickly and that a decision on the issue will be made by Staffordshire County Council Cabinet before Christmas. Parishioners will be kept informed.

Allan Howard, Chairman, Kings Bromley Parish Council