Crawley Lane Kennels – update

Published 22 October 2022

Jennifer Whittle LDCs Environmental Protection Officer was sent this statement

“The case has been closed. None of the complainant’s were prepared to have noise monitoring equipment fitted at their property. We are unable to take any further action without evidence that the noise is significantly affecting people at their homes and the barking can be heard at such a level that it would be cause considerable interference with the residents use of their property.”

A38 and A515 road closure

Published 14 October 2022

The above two roads WILL NOT now be closed at he same time week commencing 17th October.

Lichfield District Council survey

Published 12 October 2022

Together we will create a brighter future for our district.

Lichfield District Council are committed to collaborating closely with our communities to understand your priorities, your needs and ideas.

Together we will co-create a vision for the future of our district – we’re calling it Lichfield 2050 – and by working closely we will achieve far more than we would if we try to do it on our own.

We want to know what you think Lichfield District should be like in 2050 and what steps we should take now, and in the coming years, to make sure that our vision is realised.

To do this we need our help, we need the feedback from students, teachers, employees, parents and networks to help us shape Lichfield 2050. Lichfield 2050 will be our shared vision for the future of our district, and Together we will co-author the ambitions, strategies and plans to reach it.

We would love to come into the school to share our ambitions with the school and speak to the students about how they can help make decisions on their district. Please let us know a day or time that would be best if this is possible.

Together we will make it the best place to live, work and play.

Click on this link and take part in the brief survey and let us know your thoughts. Every opinion counts as Together we …. build the future of our district.