A38 Traffic Management Bulletin w/c 20 December 2021

Published 18 December 2021

Please note that the only National Highways England work on the A38 for the next 2 weeks is on Monday, 20th December from Toyota Island to Clay Mills. Work will resume on Tuesday, 4th January.

A38 Overnight closure info for January

Published 18 December 2021

A38 AWN 2022

Guidance – Covid and use of the Village Hall

Published 15 December 2021

See poster

Covid poster

LDC. Brown Bin Registration: Contact Details.

Published 10 December 2021

Telephone 0345 002 0022

Large Puddle Outside Forge House

Published 7 December 2021

The Parish Council have notified Staffordshire County Council a number of times about this, emphasizing that it is dangerous for all pedestrians, especially schoolchildren, having to have to step into the road to get around it. We hope that they will get the drain cleared soon.


Community Involvement

Published 25 November 2021


War Memorial

The Parish Council would like to thank Paul Maddox for donating ‘The Unknown Tommy’ notice boards on the village hall car park which was erected on the war memorial during the remembrance weeks. Thanks also to the WI, in particular Sue Penfold and Pauline Greatrex, for decorating the jubilee seat and yarn bombing the war memorial posts. Also, we would like to thank David Crockett for donating pansies and violas for the war memorial garden. The Christmas tree will be put up on Sat. 4th December morning: the Village Harmony Choir will sing at the lighting up ceremony from 5pm.

Promoting Wildlife.

The Parish Council owns some areas of land in the village. One area is the grassland area around the path between Lanes Close and the Alrewas Road. Grass growing here tends to crowd out wild flowers, so for the last few years all strimmings have been removed in an attempt to reduce the fertility of the soil and make it more suitable for wild flowers. Now, as an experiment, a triangular section is having the grass removed ready for sowing with wild flowers in the spring. If this is successful, more areas will be treated in this way. This work is being carried out for the Parish Council by the Gardening Guild, under the guidance of Paul Woolley. Projects under way in other Council owned land will be reported on soon.

Parishioners can help to ‘green’ the village by feeding birds, putting up bird and bat boxes, making holes in the bottom of their fences to allow hedgehogs to move around and by planting nectar-rich plants in their gardens. The Parish Council is keen to promote green projects, and this will be part of the Neighbourhood Plan – if anyone has ideas on what can be done, please contact us.Parishioners will also have noticed that the Parish Council noticeboards and benches have been revarnished by Graham Bancroft, the Parish Council handyman. Now Kevin Price has taken on the job of highlighting the lettering on the noticeboards with gold paint.

Thanks also to Dennis O’Dea for helping to take down and re-erect the shed on the village hall car park and also helping put in the new fruit trees in the Leofric Close Public Open Space.

The experimental wildflower area in the Lane’s Close grassland area is being tried out under the guidance of Paul Wooley. Thanks also to Alison Howard who has been very active in working on this project, the war memorial garden and the village hall car park planters. Thanks also to Janine Nickells who looks after the Jubilee seat garden area.

The Christmas tree will be erected on the morning of Saturday 4th December. Any help doing this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance to Mike Colton who decorates the war memorial surround with lights every year.

Thanks also to Joy Hutchings’ medical transport drivers, Pauline Greatrex’s speedwatch team and the Churchyard Gang, those parishioners who have been seen regularly picking up litter and ,of course, the 60 or so volunteers who helped their neighbours during the lockdown. The efforts of the general community, usually un-noticed and unrewarded, makes the work of the Parish Councillors far easier.

Violations of Weight Restricted Turns

Published 24 November 2021

Violations of Weight Restricted Turns

Staffordshire police will now prosecute violations based on photographs or videos provided by the public. If they deem the evidence sufficient the driver will be sent a fine and be docked points, just like they would if they had been caught on a speed camera. The system has been trialled by YTAG, the Yoxall Traffic Action Group.

1.Go to Staffordshire police website
2.Click on Report

3.Click on road Traffic

4.Follow instructions but don’t send a video, say that Kings Bromley Parish Council has been told to ask for a link, this is easier and also you get a police contact to liaise with.

Video or Photo Evidence:

You need to clearly capture the incident and the registration of the vehicle on your photos or video, you also need to take photos of the signage on the day to prove that it was there.


So as not to overwhelm the police, in the view of Kings Bromley Parish Council this system would be best used initially to report large 40 ton through traffic, which is the main problem. It is hoped that once the word gets around the haulage industry will realise it is not worth breaking the law.

A38 Remembrance Sunday

Published 12 November 2021

The A38 will have it’s traffic management lifted for  Remembrance Sunday in the early hours of Sunday morning , and will remain stood down as a mark of respect .
The traffic management will return on the evening of Friday 19 November.

Remembrance Services

Published 1 November 2021

There will be a service on Thursday 11th at 11 am at the War Memorial and one on Sunday 14th at 10.45 am at All Saints followed by the usual procession to the War Memorial

Kings Bromley bus service 12

Published 1 November 2021

It is important that this hourly bus service is used by the various villages on the route between Burton and Lichfield, to enable the service to continue. It is a vital service for some people. At present it is an hourly service and an up-to-date bus schedule can be obtained from Steve Browne (tel. 472931).

Sign up for 2022 garden waste collections

Published 27 October 2021

Green-fingered folk across Lichfield District are being encouraged to subscribe again for the garden waste service.

Online registration at is now open for the garden waste service, and Lichfield District Council is urging local residents to sign up again to have their brown bins emptied in 2022.

The council has held 2021’s price and it will cost £36 per brown bin for fortnightly collections in 2022. Next year’s garden waste service will run from 31 January to 16 December and customers will receive a maximum of 23 collections.

Councillor Ashley Yeates, Cabinet Member for Climate Change & Recycling, said: “Thank you to everyone who signed up to our garden waste service in the last year.

“We’re now reminding all our residents that they will need to sign up again if they want their brown bins emptied in 2022.

“It costs the same regardless of when you register during the year, and your annual subscription will always end in December. This is why it makes sense to register before the first collection in 2022, so you can get a full year’s worth of collections.”

Sign up for the garden waste service at or call the Lichfield and Tamworth Shared Waste Service on 0345 002 0022.

“It is important to remember that your brown bin will not be emptied in 2022 unless you are signed up and have displayed your new sticker on your garden waste bin.

“We are also encouraging anyone who signs up not to cover up their 2021 sticker with their new one, so our crews know to continue to empty your garden waste bin for the rest of this year,” added Cllr Yeates.


Media enquiries

Esther Epstein, Press & Communications Officer, Lichfield District Council
t. 01543 308778 m. 07834 951630 e.