Yoxall Health Centre

Published 14 September 2021

The Parish Council has learned that Dr. Gunn is likely to be off work for four weeks. Parishioners can be assured that the provision of ‘flu jabs will not be affected. Once we have more information we will pass it on.

Bogus Callers and Distraction Burglary – a message from our PCSO

Published 28 August 2021

Most people who call at your home will be genuine. But sometimes, people turn up unannounced, with the intention of tricking their way into your home.  They are known as “bogus callers” or  “distraction burglars”, whose only aim is to get into your home by distracting you to steal money or valuables.

Bogus callers sometimes work in pairs or eve teams and are often well organised. One will distract you while the other searches the house for money or other valuables.  They can be men, women or children (or often a combination).  Watch out for anyone who says they are in a hurry. Don’t let them pressure or confuse you.

Bogus callers often pose as water, electricity or gas board workers, council workers or even police officers.

Always ask the caller for their identification, and  check it before letting them in.

Use the phone number in the phone book. not the one on their identity card.  Remember a genuine caller will happily wait outside while you check on them by calling their organisation and or calling a family member or neighbour.

To reduce the risk of becoming a victim of this crime, remember the following four steps :

LOCK all doors – even when you are at home

STOP – Before you open the door, ask them who they are

CHAIN – Always use a door chain or spy hole

CHECK – Not sure who they are? Don’t open the door.


You could put a ‘no cold caller’ sign up on your door or window, which should deter any cold callers from knocking on your door.

If you are not sure who is at your door, don’t open it! Follow the Lock, Chain and Check advice.

Telephone a neighbour or friend nearby to come along and check out the caller before you open the door to them.

Many utility service providers like gas, electricity and water, provide password schemes or hotline numbers for customers to call so you can check the identity of the callers before opening the door. Speak to your utility provider for more details and set up password today.

Don’t keep large quantities of cash at home, put it in the bank or post office where it is safe.

Keep doors locked and windows secure at all time, even when you’re at home. Always keep your door chain on.

If somebody asks for your help, needs to make a telephone call, needs a drink or requests a pen and paper for example, assist them through a closed door , or call a friend or neighbour to come and assist.

We have in our local area’s had bogus callers and distraction burglaries over the last few weeks please be vigilant at all times.

With Regards,


PCSO 8973 Tracy Horton

Rurals Officer

Lichfield NPT

Unauthorised meter reader

Published 26 August 2021

We have been made aware of a man claiming to be a meter reader trying to get access to a house occupied by a single woman. He was aggressive, dressed in black and fortunately the lady in question asked for his accreditation which he did not have. She then rang up her electricity company who confirmed that he was not one of their meter readers.

Always make sure that before you let anyone into your house you make sure you see their accreditation.

Kings Bromley Parish Council

Survey work near Kings Bromley

Published 19 July 2021

Next week from Wed 21 – Fri 23 July Balfour Beatty Vinci will be completing further surveys in the fields from Shaw Lane and heading south towards the A515 where the new compound is being set up, then towards Black Slough Wood – There are  12 locations we need to survey , weather permitting.

As this work is on the fields, no traffic management will be needed, however I wanted to update you in case anyone was concerned about seeing machinery and our construction staff on the fields.
These works are near Kings Bromley Parish , so I wanted to make you aware that we are in the area

Cemex Quarry and Cement Factory

Published 16 July 2021

At the SCC Planning Committee meeting this morning (15th July) the County Planning Officers recommended acceptance of the proposal from Cemex to dig a quarry and build a cement factory at Orgreave. Representatives from Alrewas, Fradley and Kings Bromley spoke against the proposal as did County Councillors Richard Cox and Janet Eagland. In the debate amongst the Councillors on the Committee, it was clear to me that there was little enthusiasm for the proposal and those who spoke in favour of it did so only on the basis that it was part of HS2, and therefore backed by Government policy, and that if it had been rejected the cost of combating an appeal by Cemex could be prohibitive. The proposal passed 7 votes to 5.

Anyone interested in following the debate should be able to follow it on:

Part of the proposal is that all HGV traffic associated with the site would not travel through Kings Bromley, except in ‘exceptional circumstances’. SCC were asked to remove the caveat and make this a legal requirement backed up by penalties. Let us hope this happens.

Allan Howard

Medical Transport

Published 14 July 2021

After 27 years Jane Pollard has stepped down from her role as organiser. She deserves a huge thank-you from the village. We had several volunteers and Joy Hutchings has taken over the job. Thanks to her. If you need help with transport to hospitals or medical centres please call her on 472477.

The Parish Council

Open Gardens

Published 14 July 2021

The Open Gardens held on 10th & 11th July attracted a record number of visitors, no doubt taking advantage of the weather and the opportunity to get out after the lockdown. More than £3000 was raised which is being divided between St Giles Hospice and Acorn Children’s Hospice. Thanks to all those who took part, and all those who visited.

The Gardening Guild

Lichfield Council – drop-in Local Plan sessions

Published 13 July 2021

Note – Burntwood date time and location to be confirmed

LDC local plan drop in sessions

A38 – there are no planned closures for the next 2 weeks

Published 10 July 2021

Footpath Closures – due to HS2

Published 2 July 2021

Walkers are asked to note that there are no alternative diversionary routes and the closures will remain in place until October/November 2021.
Neither the Parish Council nor landowners have had any influence on this decision, and users are respectfully asked to take note of these closures while they are in operation, particularly as normal farming activities, such as harvesting, will be taking place during this time.

Kings Bromley Open Gardens

Published 1 July 2021

Ten gardens will be open from 12noon – 5pm on Sat 10th and Sun 11th July

The Royal Oak will be open for food and refreshments

The WI will be providing tea and cakes at the Village Hall.

The Kings Bromley Harmony Choir will sing around the village on Saturday

The Ryknild Rabble Morris Dancers will dance around the village on Sunday

Parking at the Show Field by permission of the Horticultural Society

All proceeds to St Giles Hospice and The Acorn Hospice.