Unaudited accounts available to view

Published 31 May 2020

The Parish Council accounts are now available to view. These are as yet unaudited by the external auditor. To see them go to the Parish Council link and scroll down to ‘transparency requirements – documents’.

Council urges caution at bank holiday weekend

Published 22 May 2020

Caution at BH

Hedgehog Highways

Published 20 May 2020

Ways to help these endangered animals. Click here

Hedgehog Highways

Weight Restriction Update

Published 13 May 2020

From Staffs County Council.

  • The design team are now progressing making the experimental TRO permanent before the experimental TRO finishes on 26th August 2020. At the start of the lockdown period, following guidance from the Department for Transport (DfT) and the actions of other local highway authorities, the Council temporarily suspended the formal TRO process because the Council couldn’t deliver a full and transparent consultation. These restrictions are now easing and the latest guidance suggests we can now continue to progress TROs.
  • The design team will look to install signage on the SCC road network for advanced signage on the south bound approach to the A515/Moreton Lane/Coton Lane roundabout this financial year. We have requested that this is installed at a similar time to making the experimental TRO permanent.
  • The design team will carry out design work on the A38 and A50 advanced signage and will discuss the proposals with Highways England. We did not get the £80,000 funding we requested this financial year (2020/21). There was a significant overcommitment to the Integrated Transport programme due to a number of factors, which included schemes being carried over from 2019/20. As such, the request for this money was not successful on this occasion when competing against other priorities. We will apply for the funding again for the 2021/22 financial year.

Fish Deaths in Bourne Brook. Environment Agency can find no cause.

Published 12 May 2020

Thank you for your call regarding the above incident.  I can confirm that Environment Agency Officers attended site & field tests showed no evidence of pollution in the brook hence the source could not be substantiated.  Unfortunately this is not the outcome we would have wished for with devastating consequences. EA

Images from the village VE Day Celebrations

Published 9 May 2020

Latest HS2 Communication

Published 8 May 2020

Click here

Fish deaths reported in Bourne Brook

Published 5 May 2020

The Parish Council has been made aware of some fish mortalities in the Bourne Brook. Both the local landowner and the Environment Agency are aware of this now. The EA will be looking into it and will keep the council informed.

HS2 – Traffic Management – Cappers Lane

Published 1 May 2020

More here. Click on the Traffic Management icon on the HS2 site