Over 65s with symptoms can book a Covid 19 Test from home

Published 30 April 2020

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VE Day information

Published 30 April 2020

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Published 21 April 2020

Lichfield Council has asked that we all make sure that only recyclable items are placed in the blue bins please? If not then the whole load is rejected.

Thank you.

Exercise and using public footpaths during the pendemic

Published 20 April 2020

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Morrisons doorstep deliveries

Published 18 April 2020

This is what Morrisons say

As a way of helping our customers who are self isolating, elderly, vulnerable and not able to visit a shop, we’ve created a telephone order service; Morrisons Doorstep Delivery, and have enabled our Community Champions with the extra hours and tools they need to truly support their local elderly and vulnerable customers.
Our Customer Services team have set up a dedicated elderly and vulnerable phone line for those customers to place an order over the phone. They can choose from a Food Box or place an order from a selection of 45 essential groceries. The order is then matched to a local store, within a 10 mile radius, who picks the order and delivers it directly to the customer the following day.
If you have friends or family in need of this help and are unable to shop in-store, please ask them to call 0345 611 6111 and select option 4 to order a Food-box or 5 to place an order for Doorstep Delivery.  Orders must be placed before 4 pm for delivery the following day.  Phone lines are open 8 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday.
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Staring at the walls?

Published 18 April 2020

Are the days/evening long
Could you or someone you know do with a chat with someone new?

 We have volunteers who would like to talk to you, ring Jan in the first instance on

Kings Bromley Open Gardens 2020

Published 17 April 2020

It is with regret that it has been decided to cancel the Kings Bromley

Open Gardens event that was to take place on 13th/14th June.

It may be possible to have this event later in the year, or even have a ‘Virtual Open Gardens’

Watch this space.

Kings Bromley Gardening Guild

Next meeting of the Parish Council

Published 17 April 2020

This meeting will be an internet based remote meeting at 7.30pm on 13th May. Public are welcome to join in. Please email the parish council chairman for details.

Gentle Reminder

Published 17 April 2020

Just a gentle reminder to everyone to ensure they follow the Governments guidelines on Social distancing.

Unfortunately, there are still people in the village who are not following these guidelines. Please ensure you keep at least 2m apart from other people. Make sure that you children do the same – keeping 2m at least from other children and adults. Bear in mind that some people are volunteers and are visiting vulnerable people in their homes whilst they self isolate. It is imperative that we ALL observe the RULES. Thank you.

Council calls out to businesses that may be eligible for a grant

Published 17 April 2020

Having received its first payment of grant money from the government, Lichfield District Council is asking businesses that may be eligible for an emergency grant to contact them, if they haven’t received a letter or an email from the council yet.

The council has written to the 1,560 businesses that it believes are eligible for either a small business grant of £10,000 or a retail, hospitality and leisure business grant of up to £25,000.

Officers are collecting email addresses for these same businesses, which will help it to speed up the payment process.

The council now has around 700 local business email addresses. Out of this number, almost 500 have responded with the information the council needs to pay the grants.
Local businesses that could be eligible for either of the grants are encouraged to email

To find out more, including the full eligibility criteria for the grants and information about other support that is available to businesses, please visit

Council urges residents to be responsible with their waste

Published 17 April 2020

With household recycling centres temporarily closed, Lichfield District Council is warning its residents not to put contaminated waste in their blue bins, overload their black bins, fly-tip, or be tempted to burn waste.
Through its shared waste service with Tamworth Borough Council, Lichfield District Council is once again calling on its residents to follow its guidelines for what can and cannot go in bins.
In the last week, six loads of recycling have been rejected from the recycling plant due to contaminated waste being put in blue bins.
From used tissues and food waste, to clothes and electrical items, lots of waste that cannot be recycled is ending up in blue bins.
The council is also reminding its residents not to overload the service by putting extra side waste out with their black bins. Only waste in black bins, with the lids closed that are not overloaded, can be emptied.
However, as has always been the case, extra blue bin waste, such as cardboard or extra recycling that is in clear, tied bags can be placed next to blue bins when they are due to be collected.

Best Kept Village Competition – Important Information Regarding BKVC 2020

Published 17 April 2020

It is with a heavy heart that we have to announce, in light of Covid-19, the Best Kept Village Community Competition 2020 is cancelled.
Keeping the communities of Staffordshire safe and well is our number one priority and we all must be guided by the Government’s advice on social distancing and self-isolation.
If you are spending time in your own garden and would like to showcase your work or, if you have children/grandchildren who would like to create a poster, please send them to and we will share them on our social media throughout the spring and summer months.
We look forward to BKVC 2021

Covid-19 support from your Community Foundation
The Community Foundation for Staffordshire has launched an appeal in response to the Coronavirus pandemic in the United Kingdom. The appeal is raising funds from our donors and members across the community that will be available for those communities who have been affected. These funds will be distributed via our Emergency Grants programme across the county. You can find more information on our website.

Government guidelines for our Wellbeing in these difficult times:

Published 17 April 2020

1. maintain contact with friends and family via telephone and video calls, or social media
2. keep a regular routine and sleeping pattern
3. focus on a hobby or learn something new

Call Allan on 472720 if you would like a call from one of our volunteers on a weekly basis

There has never been a better time to learn something new. Check with your neighbours if they got something they could swap with you: a game, a jigsaw, a book, a DVD or details of a website that they have found. (Don’t swap anything physical with anyone who has symptoms).Remember your social distancing. Use the book exchange in the telephone box.
Kings Bromley Parish Council

A Big Thanks To The Co-Op

Published 17 April 2020

Coping with the lockdown would have been much harder in Kings Bromley without the Co-op – which has remained open with a reduced staff, some of whom have been working extended hours.
It has also put essentials like bread and milk aside for volunteers collecting for isolators.

Please respect the queuing system, never mind how small your purchase is. Only get essentials, and stay two metres apart.

There was an incident yesterday of someone queue jumping. It should not be necessary in these circumstances to have to enforce law and order, but it is reassuring that a police car was seen in the car park this morning just checking that everything was OK

Kings Bromley Parish Council

A plea from Lichfield Council

Published 17 April 2020

Please do not place tissues of any kind in your blue recycling bins. Council operatives will not know if they have been used by an infected person so the whole bin has to to incineration or sent to landfill. Please also remember that kitchen roll should not be flushed away. Best place it in the general rubbish. Thank you.