Village Hall Refurbishment

Published 20 July 2019

To date the cost of the work undertaken to refurbish the village hall is £67,823.00p excluding vat which can be reclaimed. This figure covers the cost of the new kitchen, toilets, including providing a disabled facility, lobby area and storage. Further work on the main hall, including double rear doors to the garden and decorating will cost a further £8,955.42p. The Village Hall Committee will fund work to the main hall floor, decorating to the stairs and new doors to the upper rooms. Any questions on the funding provided should be directed to the Parish Clerk in the first instance.

Buy a brick – final chance

Published 19 July 2019

The ‘Buy a Brick’ campaign will soon be finished and bricks displayed on the side of the Village Hall. Any monies left in the Refurbishment Fund will be spent on further works in the VH, but substantive extra works will be paid for by the Village Hall Committee.

Policing of Weight Restricted Turns on A515

Published 19 July 2019

Letter sent to Sgt. Kevin Royce of Lichfield Police: At a meeting of Kings Bromley Parish Council on Wednesday 10th July there was an agenda item on this issue. We regret that you could not attend but were glad that your representatives PC Amy Sketchley and PCSO Adam McAree could. At that meeting there were representatives of Draycott in the Clay Parish Council, Yoxall Parish Council and YTAG, the Yoxall Traffic Action Group.

The Police representatives reported that they had attended the A515/A513 junction several times and tickets and convictions had been made. When they had attended, the number of HGVs flouting the ban had been quite small. They had also visited companies that they believed were constant offenders. They stated that the photos of offending vehicles sent to them by us and others could not be used to prosecute offenders, which was contrary to what we previously understood. It was made clear that, given pressure on police resources, the junction could only be occasionally manned, and that any help we could provide as to when a police presence would be most effective would be welcomed. We will provide this information by analysing the stream from the webcam sited at the junction.

While we understood that specific instances could not be named, we asked the PC and PCSO to provide us with summary information on the number of times the junction had been policed, the number of tickets issued/convictions made, and the number of haulage companies visited. It was made clear than this was important in order to reassure our parishioners, who see offenders ignoring the turning ban every day, that police action was being taken. We await this information.

In a general open discussion it was made quite clear to the officers that there was a strong feeling amongst parishioners that the turning ban was being flouted regularly and that an increased and better targeted police presence would help. District Councillor Nick Binney, himself an ex-Police Inspector, made the point that the most effective way of treating this problem was by approaching haulage companies directly. This confirms our belief. We have had a very positive reaction from several companies, who have not only committed to instructing their drivers not to flout the turning bans, but in many instances – Wincanton, Shell, Lomas Distribution, Tarmac and Tesco being examples – to avoid using the A515 at all, as they recognise it, especially through Yoxall, to be dangerous to the local inhabitants and environmentally damaging along its whole length. We believe that HGVs from the Fradley Industrial estate now use the A38 route almost exclusively.

We will now stop sending you photos of offending vehicles, but we will collate the information we have to let you know when offending is most prevalent and which companies are involved. We appreciate your cooperation and add, on a positive note, that the HGV traffic on the A515 and A513 has reduced dramatically since the TROs were implemented without, as far as we can tell, any detrimental effect on other routes in the County. This confirms our belief that a total HGV ban on the A515 between Woodend Lane and Stubby Lane is the logical next step. A solution which, I am sure that you would agree, would also be much easier to police.

Allan Howard, Chairman, Kings Bromley Parish Council.

Village Open Gardens

Published 19 July 2019

The Open Gardens held on 15th,16th June was a great success attracting 223 visitors, which, considering the weather, was pretty good.

The event was combined on Saturday with the formal opening of the newly refurbished Village Hall. The packed hall was entertained by the Kings Bromley Village Harmony Choir and refreshments were provided by the W.I. The Gardening Guild treasurer, Lynne O’Dea, dealt with the finances.

Thanks to the owners of the nine gardens which were opened, to Bill Brown who created the fliers, the Ryknild Rabble Morris Dancers who danced at various locations on Saturday and Lichfield Community Jazz Band who performed in the Village Hall on Sunday. The WI, as well as providing refreshments on both days, ‘yarn bombed’ the village and knitted insects and hedgehogs for display around the village.

A total of £2097 was raised which will be equally divided between the All Saints Church Restoration Fund and the Village Hall Committee for the purchase of a new notice board and play equipment.

We already have a number of people who have committed to opening their gardens for the first time next year. If anyone else would like to volunteer please get in touch with Alison Howard.

Allan Howard

HS2 Bill – Parliamentary Progress

Published 17 July 2019

Just to keep you all up-to-date, the HS2 Bill cleared all its stages in the House of Commons on 15th July with a substantial majority. It passed its First Reading in the House of Lords on 16th July.

If anybody wishes to Petition against aspects of this Bill to the House of Lords, the Petitioning Period is from 17th July
to 18th August.

Although we have received proposals from HS2 regarding finding an alternative to Common Lane traffic being forced to go past
Richard Crosse School following our Appeal to the House of Commons Select Committee, the issue has still not been satisfactorily resolved. Therefore, the Parish Council is in constant contact with Staffordshire County Council, HS2 and the landowners directly affected to monitor what is happening.

The Parish Council HS2 Sub-Group will be considering these developments and will communicate any further actions.
If any Kings Bromley resident wishes to discuss any issues relating to this, please let me know by e-mailing me on

Charles Cole

Village news from Helen Price – 18th July 2019

Published 15 July 2019

Kings Bromley WI

On Thursday evening in the newly refurbished village hall, Kings Bromley WI held their ‘Swishing Evening’. By way of explanation, members were asked to bring two quality, clean garments and exchange them for two others, and if there was anything else they liked the look of, the item price was just £2.

The evening went well. The ladies were very impressed with the refurbished hall, using the toilets as changing rooms. The kitchen works very well for teas and coffees, which came out on time. What more could the ladies want? The WI members are very grateful for all the hard work the village hall committee and everyone else involved has done.

The meeting opened with the singing of Jerusalem, minutes and any other business was completed, then the ‘Swishing’ began. It was manic, never have so many ladies, swished around so many clothes. It was great to watch. When it all died down, most of the clothes had gone and the rest were donated, indirectly, to the village hall fund.

Ladies were reminded that the WI stand at the Kings Bromley Show on the 13th needs help and cakes to sell – here’s hoping we have good weather this year.

The next event will be our ‘Kings Bromley Bake Off’. Everyone can be involved. It will be on Saturday 10th August, from 2-4pm. Cakes for entry in the competition should be brought along for 1pm – any sort of cake will be welcome. We shall be serving afternoon tea, cake, scones, tea and coffee all for £2.50. Visitors will also get to taste each cake entered and judge them – it is up to the public to decide the winners. First prize will be £25, second £15.00 and third prize £10. A trophy will also be awarded. There will be a number of author-signed cooker books too.

Everyone is welcome to come along – where else can you get afternoon tea for £2.50? For a donation of £2 why not have a glass of prosecco?

Gardening Guild

At the June meeting, Members were able to appreciate the newly refurbished Village Hall and the Chair, Allan Howard, talked about the opening of the Hall the previous Saturday, as part of the Open Gardens weekend. Unfortunately, the weather was a little wet over the weekend, but a number of people enjoyed walking round the nine open gardens.
The speaker at the meeting was Kevin Reynolds, talking about ‘Garden Birds’ from a historical viewpoint and explaining how our attitudes to birds have changed over the centuries. Five hundred years ago most people did not have gardens and birds were seen as a source of food or as a pest which ate the farmers’ crops. In the 19th century the SPCA (later RSPCA) was formed and children were encouraged to be kind to animals; the RSPB was set up by three women to discourage people from shooting birds, collecting eggs and particularly from using birds’ feathers in hats. The Victorians were keen on feeding birds in their garden, but attitudes changed during the two World Wars when birds were seen as the enemy, eating food needed for the local population.
However, after the Second World War, people took up gardening for pleasure, more houses now had kitchens overlooking the garden and the first book on ‘Garden Birds’ was published in 1945. Bird tables, bird baths and feeders were installed in gardens, and a bird-feeding industry started to get established. Kevin finished a fascinating talk by looking at the recent bird ‘invaders’, such as the collared dove and the ring-necked parakeet, and wondered about the effects of pollution, climate change, decline of insects and the prevalence of cats on ‘our feathered friends’.
The meeting on 15th July will be an evening visit to Paul Shum’s garden in Yoxall.

Village news from Helen Price – 4th July 2019

Published 2 July 2019

Kings Bromley Centenary Show, Saturday 13th July

For our centenary year we have lots of new features as well as old favourites. All afternoon there will be a live music stage featuring local bands, kicked off by the Kings Bromley Harmony choir. In the main arena we welcome a spectacular trapeze display providing a variety of aerial performances by the Above and Beyond Trapeze Troupe. Mighty Smith will be demonstrating his impressive feats of strength in a strong man show and the H&M Dog Display team will perform various sequences to entertain the crowds.

There will be the usual favourites in the form of equestrian events, farm animals, vintage car display, trade and craft stalls, all day refreshments and much, much more. For further information, please see our website at or ring Kirsten Harber on 01543 472120.

Any offers of help setting up during the week or on the day, would be very welcome – again, please contact Kirsten on the above number.

Kings Bromley Bowling Club Fish n Chip Supper, Friday 5th July

Come and join us for a fish and chip supper followed by “healthy sweets” and/or cheese and biscuits. Tickets will be £7 per head. Weather permitting, the green will be open and if you feel so inclined, you will be able to join in social bowling from 6.00 pm.
If you intend to come, please pass your name together with appropriate payment to Anne Ashcroft, Margaret Smith or any Committee member by Thursday 4th July.