Village news from Helen Price – 30th May 2019

Published 27 May 2019

Kings Bromley Open Gardens and Opening of Renovated Village Hall

The Open Gardens and re-opening of the Village Hall will now be a combined event. The Gardens will be open from 12 am to 5 pm Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th June. The re-opening of the Village Hall will start with the Kings Bromley Harmony Choir performing at 11 am on the Saturday.

We now have nine gardens. Proceeds from the event will be split between the Church Restoration Fund and the Village Hall. Watch out for the WI yarn bombing, the Ryknild Rabble Morris dancers and the jazz band in Jonathan Nason’s garden. The church will be open for a more calm experience, decorated with flowers to celebrate the weekend.

Iron Man event, Sunday 9th June

The Iron Man event will again pass through Kings Bromley resulting in road closures and restricted access between 7.00 and 11.00 on the morning of 9th June.

Staffordshire Community Speed Watch

There are now 69 active Speedwatch teams in Staffordshire, comprising 327 volunteers. The aim is to stop speeding rather than catch offenders and the very sight of hi-vis jacketed volunteers does make motorists more aware of their speed through built up areas.

The Kings Bromley group is also sending photos of HGVs violating the weight restricted turns on the A515 to the police through CSW. If you catch any offenders on your phone cameras please send the photos to Allan Howard at

Village news from Helen Price – 23rd May 2019

Published 20 May 2019


Well what a difference, we were at the Cricket Club for our May meeting, as our dear village hall is undergoing a long awaited radical change. We are hoping it will be finished for the Open Gardens in June.

Our anthem, Jerusalem, was sung as normal, with the young men playing cricket outside wondering what was going on!! It was a ’Resolutions’ evening. WI members vote on the two shortlisted resolutions for this year – ‘Don’t fear the smear’ and ‘A call against the decline in local bus services’. The WI nationwide will back the one that achieves the most votes. The WI has over 210,000 members so we definitely make a difference when lobbying government, councils and industry to behave more responsibly. As individuals we can all make a difference whether aiming to save water, stopping the use of plastic bottles and recycling everything we possibly can.

Our speaker was Cat Stuart, who gave us a ‘Move it or lose it’ talk followed by 30 minutes or so of practical exercises. It was good fun as well as useful and all thirty one members present enjoyed themselves. We are really pleased that we now have 51 members, which is great news. There is always a warm welcome for any lady who enjoys a night out, socialising with tea, coffee and biscuits enjoying varied speakers – we are a very friendly bunch and we don’t bite!

For June we will be celebrating our WI’s 90th birthday at Mabel’s, Curborough, but back in the village hall for our 4th July meeting. This will be a ‘Swishing’ evening. Each person attending should bring 3 items of clothing, clean and tidy of course as it is not a jumble sale. Items will be sold for £2 each. It should be great fun.

Join us, you will be very welcome.

Open Gardens and Opening of the Renovated Village Hall

Published 13 May 2019

The Open Gardens and re-opening of the Village Hall will now be a combined event. The Gardens will be open from 12am to 5pm Sat and Sun 15th and 16th June. The re-opening of the Village Hall will start with the Kings Bromley Harmony Choir performing at 11am on the Saturday.
We now have nine gardens. Proceeds from the event will be split between the Church Restoration Fund and the Village Hall. Watch out for the WI Yarn bombing, the Ryknild Rabble Morris dancers and the jazz band in Jonathan Nason’s garden. The Church will be open for a more calm experience.

Allan Howard

Village news from Helen Price – 16th May 2019

Published 13 May 2019

Kings Bromley Gardening Guild

At the meeting in April, Allan Howard reminded everyone about the Best Kept Village Competition, running from 1 May to the end of July and the Open Gardens event to be held in the village on 15-16 June. In addition to the gardens, there will also be Morris Dancing, a jazz concert, knitted creepy-crawlies and fairies, yarn bombing, flower displays in the church and a recital by the Village Harmony Choir. It is planned that the renovations in the Village Hall will be completed by then and formally opened on the Saturday morning at 11am.

Byron Lewis was welcomed to the meeting to talk about ‘Spring Plants’. As usual, he had brought along a lovely display of spring plants available for sale on the evening and at the Lichfield Garden Centre at Curborough. He mentioned the new developments at the garden centre and the very popular coach trips arranged during the year. Advice was given on growing new varieties of plants, including a white clematis, a dark red perennial wallflower and a lovely gold tree heather. Some of the more unusual items included an anti-cat plant, Voodoo Lily bulbs, New Zealand yams, squirrel-proof bird food and very posh hanging baskets!

The meeting on 20 May will be an evening in Janet Stubbings’ and Paul Woolley’s garden, starting at 7pm.

Wednesday Club

There was bright sunshine as we set off for Stratford Upon Avon on May 1st. On the way we stopped for morning coffee at Notcutt’s Garden Centre arriving in Stratford at around 11.45am. Some of us decided to head straight for the river and a 40-minute boat trip on one of the traditional Edwardian cruise launches. The cruise departed from Bancroft Gardens taking us downstream past the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and Holy Trinity Church before turning to travel upstream and under the 15th century Clopton Bridge. Once through the bridge the scenery changed with peaceful river banks and meadows and beautiful riverside gardens.

Other members decided to begin their day with lunch, a visit to the shops, a riverside walk, or by exploring the town taking in Shakespeare’s birthplace, his school and the almshouses. Many members also visited Holy Trinity Church where Shakespeare was baptised, worshipped and where he is buried. The Church is approached along an avenue of lime trees, said to represent the 12 tribes of Israel and the 12 Apostles and is accessed through massive 15th century doors. There is a small door let into the left-hand door and on this is the sanctuary knocker which fugitives from justice (or lynch mobs!) would grab to claim 37 days safety before facing trial. Inside the church is a medieval font – possibly the font where William Shakespeare was baptized on 2th April 1564. William Shakespeare’s grave is located in the Chancel. He was buried just 2 days after his death on April 23rd 1616. His gravestone bears an epitaph which it is thought was written by Shakespeare himself. It ends with the words:
“Blessed be the man that spares these stones,
And cursed be he that moves my bones.”

After stopping for further refreshments and as the rain began to fall, we made our way back to the coach having spent a very enjoyable day in Stratford.
Next Meeting: Wednesday June 5th 2.30pm, “Photography in France” with Jonathan Nason.

House of Commons Select Committee

Published 10 May 2019

For some time, Kings Bromley Parish Council has been pressing to keep Common Lane open during the Construction Phase of HS2. Although HS2 had agreed to provide a link road when construction was completed, their plan was to close Common Lane for up to 5 years whilst construction was under way. Everybody agreed that this would cause massive difficulties, especially since all traffic from surrounding farms and business units would be forced to pass the Richard Crosse Primary School to turn onto the A515 at its junction with Crawley Lane. Staffordshire County Council and Lichfield District Council were all in support of the line the Parish Council was taking.

The House of Commons Select Committee were in no doubt about the strength of feeling on this matter by the number of Petitions they received. Because of this, The Chairman – James Duddridge MP and one of its members made an unannounced visit to the area to review the situation at first hand. The visit confirmed their opinion that there was no way additional traffic should be forced to come past the School to reach the Crawley Lane/A515 junction, especially since it is also adjacent to the Co-op and Royal Oak car park.

At the Select Committee Meeting at the House of Commons held on 29th April, HS2 outlined their new proposal (Option 7) to construct a link road from the proposed new roundabout at the junction of the A513/515 Rugeley Road to the left-hand bend on Crawley Lane as it approaches Common Lane near Thimble Hall.

Although good progress has been made, the plans must be developed further and full agreement must be reached between all affected parties – HS2, Staffordshire County Council, and the affected landowners. The Select Committee were very clear that Option 7 was their preferred way – in fact the only viable way – forward, and that the road should be built before HS2 Construction commences in the area.

The Parish Council welcome the requirement to get all sides to agree since this does appear to be the only option that achieves the objective of keeping Common Lane open.

We will keep you informed of any further developments on this significant issue for all concerned.

Charles Cole

Village news from Helen Price – 5th May 2019

Published 6 May 2019

Kings Bromley Historians

April’s meeting took the form of an outing to Tissington Hall. After meeting up for coffee we proceeded to the Hall where Sir Richard welcomed us and told a little of himself and the Fitzherberts, before handing over to our guides.

A quick tour of the garden (due to rain), then into the Hall for an extensive tour with Mandy and Paul, our guides, who were so enthusiastic and knowledgeable. The first Hall was built across the road beside the church where the earthworks are still visible. By the 1500s the stables and the initial part of the Hall were built. This has been extended over the years to blend in seamlessly to the Hall we see today.

The walk around the village was mostly abandoned, making the pub a better option, where we enjoyed a good lunch. A great day out!

Our next meeting will be to discuss our plans for the 100th Kings Bromley Show and our June meeting will be a talk and demo on Tudor Music in the Village Hall at 8.00 pm. All are welcome.

District/Parish Council Election Results

Published 3 May 2019

District/Parish Council Election Results held on Thursday, 2nd May

Lichfield District Council, Armitage and Handsacre Ward – which includes Kings Bromley (3 seats)

Election Candidate Party No of votes cast %

Richard Earnest Cox Cons 850 26% Elected

Tom Marshall Cons 799 24% Elected

Nicholas David Binney Cons 663 20% Elected

Lindsey Teresa Baker Lab 508 16% Not Elected

Steve Hyden No Party Listed 457 14% Not Elected

Overall Turnout – 24%

Kings Bromley Parish Council – there were 7 nominations for 7 seats. No Election was therefore required.

New Parish Councillors: Cllrs. A. Howard; S. R. Browne; Mrs. J. Higgins; J. Burkinshaw; Mrs. G. Pitchford; C. Cole; N. Crawley.