A message from Highways England

Published 29 January 2017

These road closures on the A38 are to enable inspections of the electrical cables which run underneath the road surface. These cannot be done while traffic is using the A38, due to the high safety risk associated with the way in which the inspections are carried out. Our contractors, Kier Highways, are aware of the concerns which have been raised regarding traffic on the diversion routes, and have liaised with Staffordshire County Council to minimise disruption as much as possible.

I apologise that you have not received prior notification of these closures. Our contractors have informed me that we endeavour to keep the parish councils informed as much as possible, but it appears that this hasn’t happened in this case.

Whilst I have this opportunity, I would like to make you aware that there will be further works on the A38 over the next few months. These are to enable repairs to the lighting at Branston and resurfacing works between Alrewas to Claymills. The lighting scheme started earlier in January, but is being done under individual lane closures in order to minimise the impacts on road users and residents on the diversion routes. However, some of this work cannot be carried out safely without closing the A38 carriageway, and there will be some use of the diversion routes during February and March. I am liaising with the project team, and will ask them to ensure that the parish council is kept up to date regarding the number and timing of closures, so that you can keep your parishioners informed.

Letty Askew, Asset Manager
Highways England | The Cube | 199 Wharfside Street | Birmingham | B1 1RN
Tel: +44 (0) 300 4702799 | Mobile: + 44 (0) 7809 101084

Traffic issues latest

Published 16 January 2017

Parish Council A515 Weight Limit Campaign
The result of our 18 month campaign to get the County Council to impose a 7.5 tonne weight limit on the A515 between Draycott in the Clay and Woodend Lane has resulted in no action from the County Council. This is despite the fact that the overwhelming number of residents of Kings Bromley, Yoxall and Draycott signed the petition and that the Action Group proved that it is not possible for two HCVs to pass each other in Yoxall without going on the pavement, that the A515/A513 junction in Kings Bromley cannot cope with two turning HCVs and that noise levels suffered by residents on the A515 in Draycott breach industrial safety levels. On top of this, given that the proper route for HCVs – the A38 and A50 is just as short in terms of time and fuel usage, the weight restriction would have no economic impact on business. This campaign was supported by the Parish Council, our District Councillors and County Councillor and our MP. We feel that the impact of HCVs on the quality of life in the three villages is unacceptable and that sooner or later serious accidents are inevitable.
These arguments were not refuted by County. Their response has been delay and prevarication. The Parish Council feel that the Councillor responsible, Mr. Mark Deaville, will now only take action if residents let him know their feelings in person. If you feel strongly on this issue please contact:
Mr Mark Deaville
Cabinet Member for Highways & Transport
2 Staffordshire Place
Tipping Street
Stafford ST16 2DH
Telephone: (01785) 854661

If you do respond it would be useful for the Parish Council to be informed, through the website, so that we can judge the strength of feeling.