Blocked drains in the village

Published 30 January 2016

Severn Trent have recently been called out to unblock mains drains in the village. Parishioners are reminded that, even with modern pumped systems, drains can and will become blocked if cooking fats/oils and sanitary products/wipes are flushed.

Flood Risks as of 4th January 2016

Published 4 January 2016

Blithfield reservoir started to over flow at 04:00 this morning 4th Jan and therefore a greater amount of water will be entering the Trent at Nethertown intersection today to the tune of 250 million litres a day (Ml/d). Whilst this sounds quite dramatic we have seen overflow levels above 1000 Ml/d.
I will inspect the banks later on today (In Kings Bromley) but as of yesterday the levels didn’t pose a risk to the village and I don’t anticipate a change over the coming 48hrs.

I will be in touch with the EA today for further info.