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The Kings Bromley web pages are sponsored by Kings Bromley Parish Council.

They were revised in 2015 to add support for a wider range of mobile devices and replaced the previous version published in 2007.

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A38 Roadworks w/c 6 July

A38 E-Bulletin wc 6JULY2020

Virtual Open Gardens

The ‘Virtual Open Gardens’ attracted 21 entries, all of high quality. Thank you to all

Restoration of Milestones

Kevin Price has completed the repainting of the milestones in the Parish. The Parish Council

Brian Lomas’s Bench

As a tribute to Brian Lomas a bench has been positioned in the churchyard. This

A38 Roadworks – w/c 29 June

A38 E-Bulletin wc 29JUNE2020 (1)

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